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The following love letter to men, was kindly written for us by Kimberly Malone. I personally believe that there is a lot to learn from the female point of view:

First I must start with telling you all that Men are at the top of my “Things to Love List”. To that end, I felt compelled to let the men of know just how deep that love runs. Appreciation and approval are things you require and enjoy thoroughly. As a woman it feels fantastic to be the bearer of it as often as possible.

What makes this even more exciting for me, is that I have not always felt this way. Truth is, I really didn’t know how to feel this way. (Read The Power of Pussy to find out exactly how this could be.)

In considering this article and what I find so magnificently beautiful about you, Gentlemen, I asked the simple questions. And, though I generally avoid this one, I found myself leaning towards asking why. ‘Why do I love you so?’ (Why is a difficult question as it implies an infinite number of possible answers.)

So please, know that whatever I say here, is only the smallest corner of an endless sky of reasons to love you. You are infinitely good and this is a very short list of ways in which you are.

  • Your Simplicity – It’s no secret you guys. Your linear processing, your compartmentalizing mind, your efficient engineering of solutions these add up to a beautifully simple truth about you. While we women are doing a brilliant job of bringing it all in and holding it within the strong soft container of our world, you are there, ensuring that it evolves. And what ‘it’ is, is constantly changing too. You just roll with it.
  • Your Honor – At your best, your sense of honor leads you to provide and protect all that is dear around you. It matters not if the threat is terrifyingly present and real, you have the ability to become Supermen whenever necessary. As a much more malleable Female I must say that this standing for Life that you do, is a very attractive part of who you are.
  • Your Strength – This strength is of a very particular quality. You are built, structured in a way to be a foundation for all the Feminine energy that creates Life. As I said above, this is what you are here to protect. So, when I am overwhelmed by all the tiny little bits I am built to manage within Life, I can come to you. You open your arms and it’s safe for me to fall apart within them, for just long enough to be refreshed. As my father, my brother, my lover, my husband or my friend you all hold me in different ways. I need every single one of them.
  • Your Humor – You may have noticed that we ladies are more than a bit serious. With all we are holding for the world we tend to get a bit melodramatic when feeling the weight. Only, you do not let me get away with this for very long. You crack a joke, make yourself ridiculous, throw yourself under a bus or two. At your own expense, if necessary, you make me laugh. Laugh until I cry (it is very rare for me to laugh even remotely that hard in the company of women alone.) And then I feel much, much better. Capable of superhuman endurance, one of my Female strong suits.

All my Love to you for the above and so very much more. Just keep being your best you, please. Everything is sure to work out better than imagined for us both, from right there.

- A Goddess in Love writes her weekly columns for and many more articles for her own journal here A Goddess in Love Blog.

Coming Home to Oneself is the gift she is here to share with the world, unearthing the Goddess and God within.

Kimberly Laura Mychal Malone

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